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Jane Baxter’s food is memorable, real and always, always delicious. I’d have her cook all my meals if I could.
— Yotam Ottolenghi
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At Wild Artichokes, we are passionate about good food and hospitality.

We set out to create unforgettable dining experiences wherever we are.  

Our business holds pop up dining events in and around the South Hams, provides catering and organisation for weddings and events, food for private dining at home and education at our cookery demonstrations.  All this and much more, in fact any other fun stuff that involves food and community.

We believe that the best way to enjoy good food and hospitality is to share it.

Our pop up dining events  

…..are at the heart of the business. They are built on the foundation of feasting – sharing tables and sharing food with fellow diners (you know how we feel about sharing). 

You can expect a seasonal set menu with a variety of dishes generous in flavour, brought to your table to pass around, just like you would at home.

We run a relaxed, friendly service and just love to see our guests kick back and rub their tummies after a good meal. As more than one of our guests have said ‘elasticated waistbands highly recommended!’


Mid-week treats




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Be WIth the One’s You Love


Event Planning.

An Eye for Detail

Hands up, I’ve never met anyone as efficient in organising an event; from detailed pre-planning and budget management through to finding memorable venues and recruiting the right staff. Sam makes it all look easy but I absolutely know it’s not.

Hopefully we will be in touch again, we just need another excuse!
— Sue Wiles
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The Wild Gals...


Jane’s menus are simply marvellous, she and Sam make a winning team!
— Gina Carter

When Jane met Sam… it was back in 2005 just as the doors of the Riverford Field Kitchen were about to open.  

They struck up a unique partnership during the five years they worked together  - a dynamic combination – Jane cooks, Sam organises- a force to be reckoned with!