90th Birthday Lunch

We wanted to share a very special message that we received from a very special group...

Dear Sam and Jane

Words can not describe what we all feel here at Haswell following our party on Saturday. I will give it a whirl, but you must know it will only be a paltry attempt at what we really want to express.

Thank you both, not forgetting the lovely Josette, for making such such delicious food, wonderful easygoing organisation, and quiet efficient management of the most magnificent spread that has ever graced our table here at Haswell. We have so many compliments to pass on to you both, and Nick and I can multiply them many times. My mother was so pleased with her party, and obviously enjoyed herself. The whole weekend was universally deemed a great success - for which you take a huge responsibility. So many many thanks.

I fully intend that we will become regulars at Wild Artichokes in the future, and certainly need to dream up another event here to which we can invite you along too!

I will be in touch again shortly, but meanwhile, I hope all goes very well for WA, and that you are not too stretched over the coming Festive Season.

with love,
— Caroline Evans, Haswell Farm