CEO CookOff UK

Baxter & Dimbleby bottom right

Baxter & Dimbleby bottom right

"Last Tuesday we made a little bit of fundraising history, holding the first ever UK CEO CookOff. And it was a huge success!

We've smashed through half a million pounds, raising an incredible £544,000 to date. Thank you all so everyone for your tireless fundraising before and on the night. I really can’t thank you enough. That huge amount of money is going to make a real, daily difference to the lives of hundreds of people across the country.

This is the beginning of the exciting stuff now - of using the money to improve people's lives. We'll keep you posted about the initiatives and programmes we support with the money. UKHarvest would love your ongoing support in reducing food waste. This could range from donating, to getting involved in their educational programmes, or promoting their volunteer schemes to get more good food to more people. Check out their website for more information.

Finally, just a reminder that the fundraising is still very much open! If you’re feeling inspired after such an incredible evening then please do continue to add to the funds for this amazing cause. We know several of you are running more fundraising initiatives over the next few weeks, so thank you very, very much!"

- Jamie Oliver, CEO